Asset Management



Efficient, effective, economical and enduring – the cornerstones of operational excellence, and the foundations that every shopping centre management plan must be built upon. We initially adopt an interrogative style to understanding the operational mechanics of an asset, and then re-tune its performance to ensure operational service providers and the centre management team delivers robust operating standards in parallel.

Our approach to developing asset-trading strategies ensures that we complement our rigorous approach to operations. We do this by training centre management teams and service providers to think like consumers and behave like retailers, improving both service standards and consumer conversion opportunities. It is this like-mindedness with retailers that positively encourages retailers to commit to asset trading plans and consumers to visit the centre and its stores, time and time again. We set the standards for retailers to follow.

We have the experience and skills repertoire to blend a disciplined management of space with the creation of a competitive shopping place. When combined, these are the true measures of operational success.

“Efficient, effective, economical and enduring management of operational space.”