Retail Collaboration



The starting point for us is to comprehensively understand the retail performance of the asset. Transactional analysis is the most relevant measure of an asset’s success and hence our primary goal is to find ways to drive transactional performance and work with retail partners to collaboratively achieve this goal. In this new era, collaboration with retailers is essential in both driving today’s sales performance and future proofing tomorrow’s investment returns.

We develop open, productive partnerships with all retail tenants from Store Manager to Retail Operations Director. Our aim is quite simply to engage them in an asset trading programme and enhance the performance of their stores. To complement this ‘active trading’ approach, we provide specialist training and development skills for retailers and their employees.

Retail Services Suite

  • Asset Trading Programme Development
  • Category Sales and Trading Planning
  • Marketing Plans and Promotions
  • Regular Total Team Communications
  • Trading Intelligence Reviews

“We collaborate with retailers to synchronise trading plans and optimise results.”